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Vari Sports Club

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Amstel Radler Beach Volley Series 2016

see url Once again, the Amstel Radler Beach Volley Series by Efi Sfyri is back! Join us for the Spring 2016 series of five tournaments exclusively @ Vari Sports Club! Our prizes are better than ever! Please review the tournament poster for more details.
Key tournament points:
1) 2 categories: AA' level and A' level
2) 5 separate tournaments: the best 3 results out of the 5 tournaments for each team will count towards the overall standings of the Series.
3) Regulations: Double Elimination tournaments. Winner's bracket - best 2 of 3 sets to 15 points each (11 points tie-break). Losers bracket: one set to 21 points.
4) Saturday matches will be catered to players' schedules - please contact Efi early to indicate available times for each team.
5) Tournament Sundays will be as follows: AA' category (12:00-16:00) A' Category (16:00-20:00)
6) All players must wear tournament Amstel Radler top (previous tournament tops are ok). No top at all is allowed as well. Random tops are not allowed.